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Research grant from the National Science Centre, Harmonia

Project dates: 2015-2018 (36 months)

Project number: nr 2014/14/M/HS3/00842

Project coordinator: dr Izabella Main

Foreign partners: NOVA - Norwegian Social Research, Peace Research Institute Oslo

Researchers: dr Izabela Czerniejewska, dr Elżbieta M. Goździak, dr Marek Pawlak

Donors: Programme Citizens for Democracy is financed under European Economic Area Financial Mechanismby implemented by the Stefan Batory Foundation in the partnership with the Polish Children and Youth Foundation.

Duration: 01.04.2015 – 31.03.2016

Place: Project in realised in Poznań by Centre for Migration Studiem AMU and in Warsaw by Association for Legal Intervention

Short desctiption of the project

The aim of the project is to support the process of integration of migrants in Poznań and Warsaw by providing interdisciplinary legal counseling and integrative and interpretive assistance.

Activities planned in Poznań

- Free legal advices
- support in Migrant Info Point (MIP)
- international picnics evero month
- 2 raports on the situation of migrants in Poznań
- strenghtening competences of staff working in Migrant Info Point seminars, trainings)
- cooperation with institutions working with migrants in Poznań
- informational website for foreigners in Poznań – continuation and update

MIP work hours
Tuesdays: 3pm-8pm,
Thursdays: 10am-3pm


Izabela Czerniejewska

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amiga-logo-angThe project is co-funded by the German and Polish European Social Fund (ESF).

Project dates: June 2013 – May 2015 (24 months)

Project's number: POKL.07.02.01-30-092/12

Chief coordinator in Poland: Karolina Sydow (Centre for Migration Studies UAM, contact: karsyd(at)amu.edu.pl)

Assistant: Patricia Krolik (Centre for Migration Studies, contact: pkrolik(at)amu.edu.pl)

Chief coordinator in Germany: dr Magdalena Ziółek-Skrzypczak (the Department of Labor and Economic Development in the City of Munich [Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft der Landeshauptstadt München – RAW], contact: magdalena.ziolek(at)muenchen.de)

Strategic partner: City of Poznań




logo eu The project is co-funded by the European Social Fund, the Häme Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, the HAMK University for Applied Sciences, the City of Lahti, the City of Kouvola and the Lahti Unit of the Palmenia Centre for Continuing Education (University of Helsinki)


Project dates: 2010-2013

Chief coordinators: Irma Tolonen (University of Helsinki), from 01.07.2012 Dr. Matthias Spies (University of Helsinki), until 30.6.2012

Polish coordinator: Prof. Dr. Michał Buchowski (CeBaM UAM) – contact: mbuch(at)amu.edu.pl

Research grant from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education no. N N109 224836

Project dates: June 2009-June 2012 (36 months)

Project coordinator: Prof. Dr. Michał Buchowski (contact: mbuch(at)amu.edu.pl)

Flaga UEWWPE - logoResearch project no. 7/5/2008/ EFI co-funded by the European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals (EFI)

Project dates: January 2010-June 2010 (six months)

Project coordinator: Prof. Dr. Michał Buchowski (contact: mbuch(at)amu.edu.pl)


Dr. Elżbieta Goździak (contact: emg27(at)georgetown.edu)
Dr. Natalia Bloch
(contact: nbloch(at)amu.edu.pl)
Dr. Izabela Czerniejewska
(contact: iza(at)czerniejewscy.poznan.pl)
Ignacy Jóźwiak, MA (contact: jozviak(at)gmail.com)
Agnieszka Mińkowska, MA
  (contact: opjaga(at)yahoo.com)
Anna Romanowicz, MA  (contact: tunelmb(at)gmail.com)

acceptlogoThe research project is co-funded within the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (call SSH-2009-3.3.1 “Tolerance and cultural diversity”).

Project duration: March 2010 –May 2013 (39 months)


Chief coordinator: prof. Anna Triandafyllidou Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (European University Institute)

Polish coordinator: prof. dr hab. Michał Buchowski (contact: mbuch(at)amu.edu.pl)

Main executor: mgr Katarzyna Chlewińska (Research assistant)