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     is a research centre founded in 2009. It was established to integrate research efforts in order to fill gaps in our knowledge about immigration and emigration, especially in western Poland. The interdisciplinary Centre’s work is led by social and cultural anthropologists, which shapes the profile of its research, which is often qualitative, bottom-up, and engaged.

    CeBaM AMU is involved in both research, practical and educational activities. To date, we have carried out four major research projects concerning foreigners living in Poznań – students, employees, entrepreneurs, students, educators, etc. – the results of which have been published in a number of books, including From Guests to Neighbours (2010), Migration and Cultural Heterogeneity (2012) and Not Useful Enough (2015). Research on migration is also carried out outside of CeBaM, e.g., in the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology. Our work involves issues related to tolerance and hostile attitudes towards cultural diversity, the integration of immigrants, particularly in the labour market, and Polish emigration in the enlarged European Union. We disseminate the results of our research outside the academic community by translating them into concrete recommendations, which can be realized through our collaboration with government agencies, local government agencies, and NGOs. A striking example of this is the Migrant Info Point, operated by CeBaM and launched in 2013. It is the only site offering information and advice to immigrants in Poznan, as well as providing them with legal assistance, free Polish language courses, vocational counselling, and training on how to start their own business. In addition, we offer the local community lectures and workshops, during which we share our knowledge and the results of our research. In this way, we try to build openness to new residents of the city.

    CeBaM AMU works with internationally recognized experts in the field of migration, and alongside institutions with many years of experience in the implementation of integration policies – including the Institute for the Study of International Migration at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., the European University Viadrina, and the Munich city government.


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